TFC Everywhere

TFC Everywhere is Here. TFC Premium Subscribers can enjoy and watch the same movies, tv shows, music videos, sporting events, news and other TFC shows from anywhere – on their TVs at home, plus on their laptop, tablet and cell phone. At NO EXTRA CHARGE!

How to Activate TFC Everywhere (You must be a current TFC Premium subscriber)

  1. Log on to http://tfc.tv/tfceverywhere
  2. Complete Registration Form
  3. Provide STB No. or TFC Customer Account Number
  4. Request for Activation Code & completes Activation Page
  5. Confirm & Accept Terms & Conditions
  6. Activate TFC Everywhere

TFC Everywhere FAQs:


1. What is TFC Everywhere?

TFC Everywhere is a feature on TFC Video on Demand Premium subscription package which provides free online access and viewing of select digitized streaming or ondemand premium TFC channels and programs such as movies, television shows, music videos, sporting events, news events and other video content which are available on their TFC Premium Subscription.


2. Can I get TFC Everywhere without having a TFC Video on Demand Subscription?
You will need to subscribe to our Premium Package subscription on Video on Demand platform in order to have FREE access to TFC programming on your laptop, tables or cellphone.

3. Can I still avail or access my TFC Everywhere service anywhere in the world?
You may avail of and access TFC Everywhere only in the territory where you availed of and subscribed to your TFC Premium Subscription on IPTV, i.e. either only in the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia or the Middle East. TFC Everywhere Access is not limited to a specific IP address. As long as there is an available internet connection, subscriber can access TFC Everywhere within specified Region coverage.

4. What do I need to activate my TFC Everywhere service?

  - Service Status of your TFC Premium subscription must be ACTIVE

  - You must have valid IPTV/DTH set top box number OR TFC Customer ID (Account Number)
  - You must request for your Activation Code. Code will be authenticated prior to final activation of TFC Everywhere service.

5. How do I register to TFC Everywhere?
  - You may avail of TFC Everywhere by registering on http://tfc.tv/TFCEverywhere • During registration, you may opt to link your existing social network    account to TFC Everywhere.
 - You may also opt to register at TFC Everywhere by providing your Email Address , Password, and complete the TFC Everywhere Registration page. A verification email from TFC.tv will be sent to the Email Address you have specified.
 - IMPORTANT: The LAST NAME you enter on the registration page should be the same as the last name indicated on your TFC Video on Demand account. The COUNTRY of subscription should be the same as the COUNTRY of registration for TFC Everywhere.

6. Is there an expiry date for TFC Everywhere access?
Yes. Your TFC Everywhere access is co-terminous with your TFC Video on Demand Premium subscription. Expiry dates will automatically change or be updated once additional credits or top-up was made on the Video on Demand Account.

7. Can I use any mobile device to view TFC Everywhere?
You may not be able to avail of or access all components of TFC Everywhere or enjoy its maximum capability, unless the personal computer, gaming device, tablet, mobile device or other digital device used to access TFC Everywhere and the Internet connection meets the minimum technical requirements for TFC.tv (Go to http://tfc.tv/Help/Question/1054 to check technical requirements)

8. How many concurrent viewers can access my TFC Everywhere account?
TFC Everywhere is currently set on a single-concurrency viewing model. This means that you may not be able to do simultaneous access of TFC Everywhere using different browsers and devices.

9. Can I view all the programs that I currently have on my Video on Demand Premium Package on TFC Everywhere?
Access to Content on TFC Everywhere will generally follow the current content package offering on your existing TFC Premium Subscription, however there are some Content which cannot be made available on TFC Everywhere due to Online or Digital rights limitations.

10. When will my TFC Everywhere access be blocked or deactivated?
Your access to TFC Everywhere is co-terminus with, and will follow the status of your TFC Premium Subscription on Video on Demand. Should you downgrade or terminate, your TFC Premium Subscription, your access to TFC Everywhere will be automatically blocked. If your TFC Premium Subscription is terminated, cancelled or de-authorized, for whatever reason, your access to TFC Everywhere will be automatically blocked. If, however, your TFC Premium Subscription is suspended due to technical issues or a defective STB, TFC Everywhere will still be accessible to you for twelve (12) days from date of suspension of your TFC Premium Subscription. Your TFC everywhere access will be suspended if your TFC account was suspended due to vacation.

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