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To: ABS-CBN ULC and mytfc.ca: I have read and agreed to comply with terms and conditions set out on this form. I agree that any facsimile or electronic pdf version of this form bearing my signature or email confirmation shall be considered one and the same as the original signed by me.
1. I authorize ABS-CBN ULC and its dealers to use any information provided above for the following purposes: to administer my subscription, to fulfill request for products and I have ordered, to aid in improving ABS-CBN Canada ULC's services, to conduct market research and analysis based on anonymized data, provide report the results to the internal and external clients, affiliated or related companies and/or partners of ABS-CBN Canada ULC, and to disclose the provided information in connection with the transfer by ABS-CBN Canada ULC of its business to any successor.
2. In compliance with Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), I authorize ABS-CBN Canada ULC and its Distributors and Partners to EMAIL me information about ABS-CBN programs such as promotional offerings, new products and services, events and theatricals and company initiatives that may benefit me, either through direct mail or STB(set top box) messaging.
3. I authorize ABS-CBN Canada ULC to send my billing online which I can access using information credentials emailed to me directly by ABS-CBN Canada. Otherwise, I will pay $2.00 eco fee per month to cover cost of paper, printing and mailing of billing statement.

4. I understand that there is $50 re-stocking fee charged to me when I cancel my order before I activate TFC STB box.

5. I understand that I will activate the TFC STB box within seven days of delivery, failure to do so it will automatical activated after seven days and monthly charges will take in affect. Furthermore a $300 cancellation fee or buy out my remaining months when I do not finish my contract
I hereby confirm that the foregoing information is true and correct. I further agree and acknowledge that ABS-CBN Canada ULC is under no obligation to accept my application, and has the absolute right to deny the same at its sole determination upon acceptance by ABS-CBN Canada ULC. However, the application shall constitute my agreement to subscribe to the above service in accordance with terms hereof.

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